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Network donation helps purchase new equipment

Recently we were delighted to receive a donation of £500 from Olly Goater MD at Network. Olly’s father (Douglas Goater, pictured with GWFC’s Paul Wheatley) is a regular at our Wednesday lunchtime group. Douglas came to us for exercise reasons, he had been away from football for a long time and was interested in what walking football could possibly deliver for him. After attending a few training sessions he was happy with what he saw in the way we were training and coaching players and asked if he could support us in some way.

With Networks kind donation we have been able to purchase 20 size 3 and 20 size 4 balls and bags. The reason behind using smaller balls for getting people back into activity is that the balls are lighter and put slightly less pressure on muscles and joints for players returning to kicking a ball around.

Thank you to Network for their support in helping to provide equipment for the benefit of our players.