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Click here   to download a copy of 'Version 3 - Laws of the Game' by The Walking Football Association. 

Please note the following recent amendments to the rules (March 2024):

- During open play, goalkeepers must release the ball into play with an underarm rolling action, or kicking it from the ground (Section C 9.2 & Goal area infringement Number 18).

- Goalkeepers may move any part of their body, and travel along the goal line, between the goalposts, prior to the penalty kick being taken, but may not move either foot off the goal line until the ball is kicked (Penalty Kicks - Clause 13).

- The ball must be no more than 1 metre behind the touchline and the taker must be no more than 1 metre behind the ball in its stationary
position (Stopping & Resuming Play - Clause 8).


The following is a summary of the full set of the laws.

• Any running or jogging will usually result in an indirect free kick 

• Non-contact 

• Above 2 metres height restriction on ball 

• Deflection above 2 metre height by goalkeeper – ball retained by keeper 

• No heading the ball 

• All free kicks indirect 

• No off sides 

• No tackling from the side or behind 

• No direct goal from kick-off or any dead ball situation

• All free kicks have defenders 3-metres distant 

• Players may not play the ball whilst grounded – to include slide tackling and slide blocks 

• Cornering a player is not permitted – allow opponent to turn 

• No 2 versus 1 tackling at barriers/wall 

• No tackling across an opponent at a wall/barrier 

• Playing with reckless or dangerous intent is an infringement 

• One-step penalty kicks 

• No restriction on passing back or out from the goalkeeper 

• Sin Bin time out for three either same or different infringements 

• Zero tolerance on abusive conduct

As a guide for newcomers our National Governing Body has produced a booklet and to view please use following link: