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Click here   to view the 'Laws of the Game' by The Walking Football Association. 

The following is a summary of the full set of the laws.

• Any running or jogging will usually result in an indirect free kick 

• Non-contact 

• Above 2 metres height restriction on ball 

• Deflection above 2 metre height by goalkeeper – ball retained by keeper 

• No heading the ball 

• All free kicks indirect 

• No off sides 

• No tackling from the side or behind 

• No direct goal from kick-off or any dead ball situation

• All free kicks have defenders 3-metres distant 

• Players may not play the ball whilst grounded – to include slide tackling and slide blocks 

• Cornering a player is not permitted – allow opponent to turn 

• No 2 versus 1 tackling at barriers/wall 

• No tackling across an opponent at a wall/barrier 

• Playing with reckless or dangerous intent is an infringement 

• One-step penalty kicks 

• No restriction on passing back or out from the goalkeeper 

• Sin Bin time out for three either same or different infringements 

• Zero tolerance on abusive conduct

As a guide for newcomers our National Governing Body has produced a booklet and to view please use following link: