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UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 the decision to postpone the event has reluctantly been made. It is now scheduled for May 2022.

NOTE: Details of the fitness plan for the club are being organised with external coaches further details to follow.

World Cup 2021 - Manchester

We were invited to host inaugural women’s and Over 70’s Walking Football Internationals in November 2019. We entered two teams to play against England in Over 50’s, Over 60’s teams, whilst the experience of the English teams were clear to see we were competitive.

The World Cup Walking Football Competition due to be played in Manchester City Academy Stadium would have involved 32 teams from 24 different countries. However it was postponed due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. It is now scheduled to take place in May 2021.

We are looking for a sponsor to support our teams entry into the competition.  More details here.

Guernsey International Invitation 2021

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 the decision to postpone the event has reluctantly been made.

As soon as circumstances allow we will arrange new dates.

As a precursor to the World Cup 2021 we have been gifted the opportunity to host a FIWFA Official Tournament. This test event will offer World Cup administrators the chance to test various components of the worldwide competition taking place later that year. It includes a refereeing course for qualification to participate of invited countries.

Countries that are invited to take place include England, France, Island of Man, Jersey and of course Guernsey. We anticipate wide media interest in the event, and expect livestreams to be broadcast of the various games.

This event is part of a series which will be the pre-tournament for the World Cup 2021, European Nations Cup in 2022 and World Cup 2023.